Class PathInfoSupportingFlowUrlHandler

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public class PathInfoSupportingFlowUrlHandler extends DefaultFlowUrlHandler
Extension of standard SWF URL handler that checks for requests in which a valid flow ID is a prefix of the PATH_INFO value, allowing the flow to run with the rest of the path available to it as input.

A deliberate choice is made to do this only for enumerated flows, and not by checking every flow in the registry. This would probably not be harmful, but it's less risky to exclude the SAML/CAS/etc. flows unless we deliberately want to allow them to get additional path info.

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    • PathInfoSupportingFlowUrlHandler

      public PathInfoSupportingFlowUrlHandler()
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    • setSupportedFlows

      public void setSupportedFlows(@Nonnull @NonnullElements Collection<String> flowIds)
      Set an ordered collection of flow IDs to detect.

      Flow IDs that overlap must be ordered with the greater number of path segments first (e.g., flow/thing/one should precede flow/thing).

      flowIds - the flow definition registry
    • getFlowId

      public String getFlowId(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
      Specified by:
      getFlowId in interface FlowUrlHandler
      getFlowId in class DefaultFlowUrlHandler