Class SignatureValidationCriteriaSetFactoryBean

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SignatureValidationCriteriaSetFactoryBean extends Object implements FactoryBean<CriteriaSet>
Factory bean impl for producing a CriteriaSet instance specialized for signature validation use cases, such as input to the SignatureValidationFilter.

The supplied list of SignatureValidationConfiguration will be resolved into an instance of SignatureValidationParameters and returned in the criteria set. If setIncludeOpenSAMLGlobalConfig(boolean) is set true (the default), then the OpenSAML global configuration supplied from SecurityConfigurationSupport.getGlobalSignatureValidationConfiguration() will be effectively added at the lowest order of precedence. Resolution will be performed using the supplied instance of SignatureValidationParametersResolver, or if not supplied then an instance of BasicSignatureValidationParametersResolver.

  • Field Details

    • log

      @Nonnull private org.slf4j.Logger log
    • signatureValidationConfigs

      @Nullable private List<SignatureValidationConfiguration> signatureValidationConfigs
      Ordered collection of SignatureValidationConfiguration.
    • signatureValidationResolver

      @Nullable private SignatureValidationParametersResolver signatureValidationResolver
      The optional parameters resolver to use.
    • otherCriteria

      @Nullable private Collection<Criterion> otherCriteria
      Other supplied criteria.
    • includeOpenSAMLGlobalConfig

      private boolean includeOpenSAMLGlobalConfig
      Flag whether to include the OpenSAML global library-wide SignatureValidationConfiguration by default.
  • Constructor Details

    • SignatureValidationCriteriaSetFactoryBean

      public SignatureValidationCriteriaSetFactoryBean()
  • Method Details

    • setSignatureValidationConfigurations

      public void setSignatureValidationConfigurations(@Nullable List<SignatureValidationConfiguration> newConfigs)
      Set the list of signature validation configuration.
      newConfigs - the list of configurations
    • setSignatureValidationParametersResolver

      public void setSignatureValidationParametersResolver(@Nullable SignatureValidationParametersResolver newResolver)
      Set the parameters resolver instance to use.

      If not supplied, an instance of BasicSignatureValidationParametersResolver will be used.

      newResolver - the parameters resolver
    • setOtherCriteria

      public void setOtherCriteria(@Nullable Collection<Criterion> newCriteria)
      Other optional criteria to add to the returned set.
      newCriteria - the collection of criteria
    • setIncludeOpenSAMLGlobalConfig

      public void setIncludeOpenSAMLGlobalConfig(boolean flag)
      Flag whether to effectively include the OpenSAML library-wide default SignatureValidationConfiguration in the list of configurations to process. If true, the config will be added at the lowest order of precedence.
      flag - the flag value
    • getObjectType

      public Class<?> getObjectType()
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      getObjectType in interface FactoryBean<CriteriaSet>
    • isSingleton

      public boolean isSingleton()
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      isSingleton in interface FactoryBean<CriteriaSet>
    • getObject

      public CriteriaSet getObject() throws Exception
      Specified by:
      getObject in interface FactoryBean<CriteriaSet>