Class PluginInstallerArguments

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public class PluginInstallerArguments extends AbstractIdPHomeAwareCommandLineArguments
Arguments for Plugin Installer CLI.
  • Field Details

    • log

      @Nullable private org.slf4j.Logger log
    • pluginId

      @Nullable private String pluginId
      The PluginId - usually used to drive the update.
    • noPrompt

      @Nullable private boolean noPrompt
      Suppress Prompts.
    • list

      @Nullable private boolean list
      Brief info about installed plugins.
    • listAvailable

      @Nullable private boolean listAvailable
      Brief info about installed plugins.
    • noCheck

      @Nullable private boolean noCheck
      Override version check.
    • fullList

      @Nullable private boolean fullList
      Detailed info about installed plugins.
    • license

      @Nullable private String license
      List License.
    • input

      @Nullable private String input
      What to install.
    • installId

      @Nullable private String installId
      What to install.
    • truststore

      @Nullable private String truststore
      Truststore to use for signing.
    • updatePluginId

      @Nullable private String updatePluginId
      Update plugin Id.
    • forceUpdateVersion

      @Nullable private String forceUpdateVersion
      Force update version.
    • uninstallId

      @Nullable private String uninstallId
      Id to remove.
    • contentsList

      @Nullable private String contentsList
      Contents to list.
    • updateURL

      @Nullable private String updateURL
      location to override the plugin supplied location.
    • noRebuild

      @Nullable private boolean noRebuild
      Override version check.
    • updateVersion

      @Nullable private PluginVersion updateVersion
    • inputName

      @Nullable private String inputName
      Decomposed input - name.
    • inputDirectory

      @Nullable private Path inputDirectory
      Decomposed input - directory .
    • inputURL

      @Nullable private URL inputURL
      Decomposed input - base URL.
    • operation

      @Nonnull private PluginInstallerArguments.OperationType operation
      What to do.
  • Constructor Details

    • PluginInstallerArguments

      public PluginInstallerArguments()
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