Class V4Install.KeyManagement

All Implemented Interfaces:
Component, DestructableComponent, InitializableComponent
Enclosing class:

private class V4Install.KeyManagement extends AbstractInitializableComponent
Create (if needs be) all the keys needed by an install.
  • Field Details

    • installerProps

      @Nonnull private final InstallerProperties installerProps
      Properties for the job.
    • currentState

      @Nonnull private final CurrentInstallState currentState
      Current Install.
    • createdSigning

      private boolean createdSigning
      Did we create idp-signing.*?
    • createdEncryption

      private boolean createdEncryption
      Did we create idp-encryption.*?
    • createdBackchannel

      private boolean createdBackchannel
      Did we create idp-backchannel.*?
    • createdSealer

      private boolean createdSealer
      Did we create sealer.*?
  • Constructor Details

    • KeyManagement

      protected KeyManagement(@Nonnull InstallerProperties props, @Nonnull CurrentInstallState installState)
      props - The properties to drive the installs.
      installState - - about where we installing into.
  • Method Details

    • execute

      protected void execute() throws
      Create any keys that are needed.
      Throws: - if badness occurs
    • generateKey

      private boolean generateKey(String fileBase) throws
      Helper method for execute() to generate a crt and key file.
      fileBase - the partial file name
      true iff the file pair was created
      Throws: - if badness occurrs.
    • generateKeyStore

      private void generateKeyStore()
      Helper method for execute() to generate the backchannel keystore.
      Throws: - if badness occurs.
    • generateSealer

      private void generateSealer()
      Helper method for execute() to generate the Sealer.
      Throws: - if badness occurs.
    • isCreatedSigning

      public boolean isCreatedSigning()
      Did we create idp-signing.*?
      whether we did
    • isCreatedEncryption

      public boolean isCreatedEncryption()
      Did we create idp-encryption.*?
      whether we did
    • isCreatedBackchannel

      public boolean isCreatedBackchannel()
      Did we create idp-backchannel.*?
      whether we did
    • isCreatedSealer

      public boolean isCreatedSealer()
      Did we create sealer.*?
      whether we did