Interface CurrentInstallState

All Superinterfaces:
Component, InitializableComponent
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public interface CurrentInstallState extends InitializableComponent
Tells the installers about the current install state.
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    • getInstalledVersion

      @Nullable String getInstalledVersion() throws
      What is the installer version.
      "3" for a V3 install, null for a new install or the value we wrote during last install.
      Throws: - if we find an inconsistency
    • isIdPPropertiesPresent

      boolean isIdPPropertiesPresent()
      Was present in the target file when we started the install?
      if it was.
    • isLDAPPropertiesPresent

      boolean isLDAPPropertiesPresent()
      Was present in the target file when we started the install?
      if it was.
    • getCurrentlyInstalledProperties

      @Nullable Properties getCurrentlyInstalledProperties()
      Get the properties associated with the current configuration. This comes and anything it points to via "idp.additionalProperties".
      the properties, or null if this is a new install.
    • getPathsToBeDeleted

      @Nonnull List<Path> getPathsToBeDeleted()
      Return the list of paths of files which were not there prior to the install but which might be created by the installed but to no purpose.
      the list of paths.
    • isSystemPresent

      default boolean isSystemPresent()
      If this is an upgrade were there files in %{idp.home}system? If so then we need to copy the files in. Otherwise not. For new installs this is false
      whether the old install has %{idp.home}\system
    • getEnabledModules

      @Nonnull default Collection<String> getEnabledModules()
      Which modules (by ID) are enabled for this release.
      those modules enabled.
    • getInstalledPluginsLoader

      default ClassLoader getInstalledPluginsLoader()
      Build a classpath loader which adds all the plugins in.
      a classloader