Class TicketIdentifierGenerationStrategy

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public class TicketIdentifierGenerationStrategy extends Object implements IdentifierGenerationStrategy
Generates CAS protocol ticket identifiers of the form:
where suffix is optional. By default tickets have at least 128 bits of entropy in the random part of the identifier.
  • Field Details

    • idGenerator

      private final org.cryptacular.generator.IdGenerator idGenerator
      Generator for random part of the ticket.
    • ticketPrefix

      @Nonnull @NotEmpty private String ticketPrefix
      Ticket prefix.
    • ticketSuffix

      @Nullable private String ticketSuffix
      Ticket suffix.
    • ticketLength

      @Positive private int ticketLength
      Number of characters in random part of generated ticket.
  • Constructor Details

    • TicketIdentifierGenerationStrategy

      public TicketIdentifierGenerationStrategy(@Nonnull @NotEmpty @ParameterName(name="prefix") String prefix, @Positive @ParameterName(name="randomLength") int randomLength)
      Creates a new ticket ID generator.
      prefix - Ticket ID prefix (e.g. ST, PT, PGT). MUST be a URL safe string.
      randomLength - Length in characters of random part of the ticket.
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