Class RelyingPartyMapJAASLoginConfigStrategy

All Implemented Interfaces:
Function<ProfileRequestContext,Collection<Pair<String,Subject>>>, ContextDataLookupFunction<ProfileRequestContext,Collection<Pair<String,Subject>>>

public class RelyingPartyMapJAASLoginConfigStrategy extends AbstractRelyingPartyLookupFunction<Collection<Pair<String,Subject>>>
An implementation of the loginConfigStrategy for JAASCredentialValidator which uses a supplied map to resolve the JAAS config to use.

The map key is the relying party ID, the value is the JAAS config name.

  • Field Details

    • log

      @Nonnull private org.slf4j.Logger log
    • relyingPartyMap

      @Nonnull private Map<String,String> relyingPartyMap
      Map holding the relying party to JAAS config name mappings.
    • defaultConfigName

      @Nonnull private String defaultConfigName
      The default JAAS config name to use when no specific mapping configured.
  • Constructor Details

    • RelyingPartyMapJAASLoginConfigStrategy

      public RelyingPartyMapJAASLoginConfigStrategy(@Nonnull @ParameterName(name="map") Map<String,String> map)
      map - the map of relying party ID to JAAS config name
  • Method Details

    • setDefaultConfigName

      public void setDefaultConfigName(@Nonnull @NotEmpty String name)
      Set the default JAAS config name returned when no specific one is configured for a particular relying party.

      The default value is: ShibUserPassAuth.

      name - the default JAAS config name
    • apply

      @Nonnull public Collection<Pair<String,Subject>> apply(@Nonnull ProfileRequestContext profileRequestContext)