Class DuoAuthAuthenticator

All Implemented Interfaces:
Component, DestructableComponent, InitializableComponent

public class DuoAuthAuthenticator extends AbstractDuoAuthenticator
Implementation of the the Duo AuthApi /v2/auth endpoint.
  • Field Details

    • paramEscaper

      @Nonnull private final Escaper paramEscaper
      pushinfo escaper.
    • wrapperTypeRef

      @Nonnull private final com.fasterxml.jackson.core.type.TypeReference<DuoResponseWrapper<DuoAuthResponse>> wrapperTypeRef
      a TypeReference for the repsonse generated by the endpoint.
  • Constructor Details

    • DuoAuthAuthenticator

      public DuoAuthAuthenticator()
  • Method Details

    • authenticate

      public DuoAuthResponse authenticate(@Nonnull DuoAuthenticationContext duoContext, @Nonnull DuoIntegration duoIntegration) throws com.duosecurity.duoweb.DuoWebException
      Perform an authentication action via the Duo AuthApi /auth endpoint.
      duoContext - Duo authentication context to use
      duoIntegration - Duo integration to use
      a DuoAuthResponse
      com.duosecurity.duoweb.DuoWebException - if an error occurs