Class BaseSAML2AttributeEncoderParser

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SAML2Base64AttributeEncoderParser, SAML2DateTimeAttributeEncoderParser, SAML2ScopedStringAttributeEncoderParser, SAML2StringAttributeEncoderParser, SAML2XMLObjectAttributeEncoderParser

public abstract class BaseSAML2AttributeEncoderParser extends BaseAttributeEncoderParser
Base class for Spring bean definition parser for SAML 1 attribute encoders.
  • Constructor Details

    • BaseSAML2AttributeEncoderParser

      public BaseSAML2AttributeEncoderParser()
  • Method Details

    • doParse

      protected void doParse(@Nonnull Element config, @Nonnull ParserContext parserContext, @Nonnull Map<String,Object> rule)
      Inject any necessary elements into the mapping rule based on the specific encoder type.
      Specified by:
      doParse in class BaseAttributeEncoderParser
      config - the encoder element being parsed
      parserContext - the parser context
      rule - the mapping rule