Interface Matcher

All Superinterfaces:
Component, IdentifiedComponent
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractComposedMatcher, AbstractMatcher, AbstractMatchesShibMDScopeMatcher, AbstractRegexpStringMatcher, AbstractStringMatcher, AndMatcher, AttributeInMetadataMatcher, AttributeScopeMatchesShibMDScope, AttributeScopeRegexpMatcher, AttributeScopeStringMatcher, AttributeValueMatchesShibMDScope, AttributeValueRegexpMatcher, AttributeValueStringMatcher, MatcherFromPolicy, NotMatcher, OrMatcher, ScriptedMatcher

@ThreadSafe public interface Matcher extends IdentifiedComponent
Java definition of MatchFunctorType as applied to value filtering.
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      static final Matcher MATCHES_ALL
      A Matcher that returns true/all attribute values as matched.

      static final Matcher MATCHES_NONE
      A Matcher that returns false/no attribute values as matched.

      static final Matcher MATCHER_FAILS
      A Matcher that fails. targetted primarily at testing, but also at odd corners of parsing.
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