Interface AttributeResolver

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    Component, IdentifiedComponent
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    public interface AttributeResolver
    extends IdentifiedComponent
    A component that resolves the attributes for a particular subject.

    Note WellThis class is about attribute resolution, that is to say the summoning up of attributes in response to the exigies of the provided context. It does not implement which is about summoning up bits of generic data from the configuration (e.g., metadata) in response to specific

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      • resolveAttributes

        void resolveAttributes​(@Nonnull
                               AttributeResolutionContext resolutionContext)
                        throws ResolutionException
        Resolves the attribute for the give request. Note, if attributes are requested, AttributeResolutionContext.getRequestedIdPAttributeNames(), the resolver will not fail if they can not be resolved. This information serves only as a hint to the resolver to, potentially, optimize the resolution of attributes.
        resolutionContext - the attribute resolution context that identifies the request subject and accumulates the resolved attributes
        ResolutionException - thrown if there is a problem resolving the attributes for the subject