Uses of Class

Packages that use AbstractProfileAction
Implementation classes for administrative profiles.
APIs related to the authentication of a subject.
Implementation of Duo authentication.
Implementation of various authentication actions.
Classes implementing proxied authentication flows.
CAS protocol flow implementations.
Actions and flow descriptors related to attribute release consent.
Actions and flow descriptors related to consent.
Actions related to consent storage.
Common APIs for handling profile requests.
Audit implementation classes.
Implementations of various profile actions.
Classes supporting profile interceptor machinery.
Implementation of a profile interceptor flow which executes other flows.
Classes implementing SAML-specific audit log behavior.
Implementation of SAML NameID and NameIdentifier generation and consumption.
Actions common to SAML 1 and SAML 2 processing.
Profile processing actions related to SAML 1 messages.
Profile processing components related to SAML 2 delegation.
Profile processing actions related to SAML 2 messages.
Implementation classes for SAML-specific session functionality.
Implementations of session-related classes and interfaces.
Implementation classes for information needed by the UI.