Class BuildRelyingPartyContextAction<RequestType,ResponseType>

Type Parameters:
RequestType - request
ResponseType - response
All Implemented Interfaces:
Component, DestructableComponent, InitializableComponent, ProfileAction, Aware, MessageSource, MessageSourceAware, Action

public class BuildRelyingPartyContextAction<RequestType,ResponseType> extends AbstractCASProtocolAction<RequestType,ResponseType>
Creates the RelyingPartyContext as a child of the ProfileRequestContext. The component queries a configured list of ServiceRegistry until a result is found, otherwise the relying party is treated as unverified.
  • Field Details


      @Nonnull @NotEmpty public static final String UNVERIFIED_GROUP
      Name of group to which unverified services belong.
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    • log

      @Nonnull private final org.slf4j.Logger log
      Class logger.
    • serviceRegistries

      @Nonnull @NonnullElements @NotEmpty private final List<ServiceRegistry> serviceRegistries
      List of registries to query for verified CAS services (relying parties).
    • request

      @Nullable private Object request
  • Constructor Details

    • BuildRelyingPartyContextAction

      public BuildRelyingPartyContextAction(@Nonnull @NotEmpty ServiceRegistry... registries)
      Creates a new instance.
      registries - One or more service registries to query for CAS services.
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