Interface AttributeDefinition

All Superinterfaces:
Component, DestructableComponent, IdentifiedComponent, InitializableComponent, ResolverPlugin<IdPAttribute>, UnmodifiableComponent
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAttributeDefinition, ContextDerivedAttributeDefinition, DecryptedAttributeDefinition, MappedAttributeDefinition, PrescopedAttributeDefinition, PrincipalNameAttributeDefinition, RegexSplitAttributeDefinition, ResolvedAttributeDefinition, SAML1NameIdentifierAttributeDefinition, SAML2NameIDAttributeDefinition, ScopedAttributeDefinition, ScriptedAttributeDefinition, SimpleAttributeDefinition, StaticAttributeDefinition, TemplateAttributeDefinition

@ThreadSafe public interface AttributeDefinition extends ResolverPlugin<IdPAttribute>
Definition of attribute definition resolver plugins.
  • Method Details

    • isDependencyOnly

      boolean isDependencyOnly()
      Gets whether this attribute definition is only a dependency and thus its values should never be released outside the resolver.
      true if this attribute is only used as a dependency, false otherwise
    • isPreRequested

      boolean isPreRequested()
      Gets whether this attribute definition has to be resolved prior in a first pass (in order to prime contexts which can be used in the "main pass").
      true if this is a definition to be done "first"