Class AbstractRegistrationAuthorityRuleParser

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IssuerRegistrationAuthorityRuleParser, ProxiedRequesterRegistrationAuthorityRuleParser, RequesterRegistrationAuthorityRuleParser

public abstract class AbstractRegistrationAuthorityRuleParser extends BasePolicyRuleParser
Spring bean definition parser that creates RegistrationAuthorityPolicyRule beans.
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      public static final String REGISTRARS_ATTR_NAME
      Name of the attribute carrying the Issuers list.
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      public static final String MATCH_IF_METADATA_SILENT_ATTR_NAME
      Name of the attribute carrying the boolean to flag behaviour if the metadata MDRPI.
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    • log

      @Nonnull private final org.slf4j.Logger log
      Class logger.
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    • AbstractRegistrationAuthorityRuleParser

      public AbstractRegistrationAuthorityRuleParser()
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    • doNativeParse

      protected void doNativeParse(@Nonnull Element element, @Nonnull ParserContext parserContext, @Nonnull BeanDefinitionBuilder builder)
      Parser the native bean class. This is either called direct or then injected into the nesting class.
      Specified by:
      doNativeParse in class BasePolicyRuleParser
      element - the config
      parserContext - the context
      builder - the builder