Uses of Class

Packages that use IdPAttribute
IdPAttributes are protocol-agnostic units of information about some thing, usually a user.
Context to do with Attribute Manipulation.
This package contains a filtering engine for a collection of IdPAttributes.
The contexts to do with attribute filtering.
Implementation of the various policy matchers.
Implementation of the logical attribute matchers.
This is where the attribute matchers that understand SAML live.
A system which is capable of retrieving a collection of IdPAttributes from a variety of locations, transform them, and associate a set of protocol-specific encoders to them.
Implementations of various AttributeDefinitions.
A DataConnector implementation that maps from a given set of source value to an output value.
The context to do with Attribute Resolution.
Interfaces supporting data connectors.
Package for http data connector configuration.
A DataConnector implementation that reads data from an HTTP web service.
Common functionality used by data connectors.
Package for LDAP data connector configuration.
A DataConnector implementation that reads data from an LDAP.
Package for rdbms data connector configuration.
A DataConnector implementation that reads data from a relational database.
Implementation of StorageService-backed data connector.
Implementations of core resolver functionality.
This Package contains interface definitions exported to ECMAScript.
Implementation of specific DataConnector parsers.
APIs for transcoding of attributes.
Implementation classes for attribute transcoding.
Implementation of various authentication actions.
Classes supporting Java Principal usage.
APIs for CAS attribute support.
Implementation classes for CAS attribute support.
CAS protocol flow implementations.
Context classes related to consent flows.
Actions and flow descriptors related to attribute release consent.
Predicates and functions related to attribute consent.
Functions and predicates supporting other profile components.
Implementations of SAML related AttributeDefinition and DataConnector.
Base classes for SAML AttributeTranscoder classes.
Implementations of SAML transcoders.
This package contains such class definitions as are needed to bridge between the relying-party.xml schema and OpenSAML.
Functionality and base classes common to both SAML 1 and 2 profile configuration.
Actions common to SAML 1 and SAML 2 processing.
Functions and predicates supporting SAML profile behavior.
Profile processing actions related to SAML 1 messages.
Profile processing actions related to SAML 2 messages.