Interface TransientIdGenerationStrategy

All Known Implementing Classes:
CryptoTransientIdGenerationStrategy, StoredTransientIdGenerationStrategy

public interface TransientIdGenerationStrategy
Generates and manages transient identifiers according to specific strategies.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    String generate​(String relyingPartyId, String principalName)
    Generate a new Transient ID.
  • Method Details

    • generate

      @Nonnull @NotEmpty String generate​(@Nonnull @NotEmpty String relyingPartyId, @Nonnull @NotEmpty String principalName) throws SAMLException
      Generate a new Transient ID.
      relyingPartyId - the relying party for whom we're generating
      principalName - the principal to map to
      the new identifier
      SAMLException - if an error occurs generating the identifier