Class SimpleAttributePredicate

All Implemented Interfaces:
Predicate<ProfileRequestContext>, Predicate<ProfileRequestContext>

public class SimpleAttributePredicate
extends AbstractAttributePredicate
Predicate that evaluates an AttributeContext and checks for particular attribute/value pairs.

A map to a collection of strings is used to represent the attribute(s) and value(s) to evaluate. The values are evaluated as a disjunction (OR) and the attributes are evaluated as a conjunction (AND).

This handles only simple string-valued data.

For the special case of checking for an attribute's presence, regardless of values, the '*' value is supported. Note that this does NOT exclude pathological cases such as empty or null values. A more advanced predicate should be used to deal with such cases.

  • Field Details

    • log

      @Nonnull private final org.slf4j.Logger log
      Class logger.
    • attributeValueMap

      @Nonnull @NonnullElements private ListMultimap<String,​String> attributeValueMap
      Map of attribute IDs to values.
  • Constructor Details

    • SimpleAttributePredicate

      public SimpleAttributePredicate()
  • Method Details

    • setAttributeValueMap

      public void setAttributeValueMap​(@Nonnull @NonnullElements Map<String,​Collection<String>> map)
      Set the map of attribute/value pairs (as a map of string collections) to check for.
      map - map of attribute/value pairs
    • allowNullAttributeContext

      protected boolean allowNullAttributeContext()
      Get the result of the predicate in the case the attribute context is null.
      allowNullAttributeContext in class AbstractAttributePredicate
      null context result
    • hasMatch

      protected boolean hasMatch​(Map<String,​IdPAttribute> attributeMap)
      Abstract implementation of the condition to evaluate.
      Specified by:
      hasMatch in class AbstractAttributePredicate
      attributeMap - the attributes to evaluate
      the condition result
    • findMatch

      protected boolean findMatch​(@Nonnull @NotEmpty String toMatch, @Nonnull IdPAttribute attribute)
      Look for a matching value in an attribute.
      toMatch - value to look for
      attribute - attribute to check
      true iff the value is one of the attribute's values