Metadata Aggregator

The Metadata Aggregator provides a command line tool and REST-based web service to support publishers and consumers of metadata. In both cases, the product supports reading in metadata from multiple sources and then verifying, filtering, and transforming the data. The command line takes this data and produces one or more output files which may be consumed by other products supporting SAML Metadata, whilst the web service provides a mechanism for dynamically querying for processed data.

The expected audience of this tool is organizations operating multiple identity providers or service providers who are responsible for the registration of many such systems.

Please note, this tool is currently under development and no product has been released.

Key Features

  • Support for consuming metadata from the local filesystem or HTTP URL.
  • Ability to verify digitally signed metadata using multiple trust models.
  • Support filtering of information such as SAML roles, contact persons, or more generically specified elements.
  • Support for SAML Registration and Publication Information specification
  • Provides web service (REST-based) for querying a pool of consumed and processed metadata.
Metadata Aggregator