Issues with setting up SSO with Tableau

Arron Merrill arron.merrill at
Tue Jun 13 10:15:44 UTC 2023

Good morning all,

We are having difficulty with setting up a working configuration with
Tableau (I have seen a similar thread from August 2022). We are releasing
'uid', 'mail' and 'displayName'. Tableau is insisting that we need to
release a new attribute, 'username', containing the uid value.

At first I tried using a transcoding rule specific to Tableau to translate
the of 'uid' to 'username' but Tableau was not accepting this.

>From Scott's reply in the earlier thread, mapping a non-mail identifier to
a custom attribute was the solution. Mapping 'uid' to a custom 'username'
attribute in the resolver should achieve the desired result?

Kind regards,

Arron Merrill - Identity Systems
IT Services, University of York
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