[Plugin OIDC OP] Addition in Confluence Documentation, so that OIDC Configuration can be retrieved

Fuchs, Michael michael.fuchs at hm.edu
Wed Jun 7 14:00:22 UTC 2023

Good day,

I noticed while configuring OIDC that the code snippet at https://shibboleth.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IDPPLUGINS/pages/1376878976/OIDC+OP#conf%2Frelying-party.xml  would need to be adjusted. At this point, the bean <bean parent="OIDC.Configuration" /> should also be included in the list of unverified profileConfifugrations. The complete section of conf/relying-party.xml might look like:

    <bean id="shibboleth.UnverifiedRelyingParty" parent="RelyingParty">
        <property name="profileConfigurations">
                <bean parent="OIDC.Configuration" />
                <ref bean="OIDC.Keyset" />
Otherwise, the openid configuration under /idp/profile/oidc/configuration cannot be retrieved and the documentation above is a bit misleading.

Please feel free to contact me for further queries!

Thank you for the addition to Confluence and many greetings,

Michael Fuchs


Michael Fuchs - Central IT
Munich University of Applied Sciences
Lothstr. 34, 80335 Munich, G2.21a
T +49 89 1265-1746
https://hm.edu <https://www.hm.edu/en/index~1.en.html> | https://hm.edu/data_protection_declaration <https://www.hm.edu/en/impressum_1/data_protection/data_protection_declaration.en.html>
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