Error "SAML response reported an IdP error" after Login

Krinetzki, Stephan Krinetzki at
Tue Jun 6 09:21:14 UTC 2023

Hello all,

we have some users who currently can't log in to certain systems at all (for example Moodle). In the SP log I find the following entry:

2023-06-05 23:22:00 WARN Shibboleth.SSO.SAML2 [147] [default]: error processing incoming assertion: SAML response reported an IdP error.

I already looked into the IdP logs and I don't see any error there. It also unfortunately affects only a certain amount of users and that permanently, the error can be reproduced from the user, but not from my side. Anyone here have any idea where else I should look? Is a DEBUG output maybe helpful?



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