Help with InCommon and National Student Clearing House

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Sep 29 15:03:43 UTC 2022

* Scott Cantor <cantor.2 at> [2022-09-29 14:17]:
> There are few federated SPs that even rely on NameID to begin with
> (and none that we want doing it).

FTR, I wouldn't suggest to anyone to start adding support for
NameIDFormat elements in 2022 CE (esp with saml2int v2 having declared
all forms of NameIDs obsolete, except transients for SLO support).

And the existence of standard signalling also doesn't mean that
there's good reason some SPs insist on (mis-)using them today (and
will not accept agreed upon or standard attributes instead).

> There are a few (badly operating) SPs that register unique entities
> for each customer, so that's an outlier, but also not a pattern to
> emulate really.

Most certainly not!

(With the exception of a bilateral agreement with a local service
provider -- feeding us ready-to-use, trustworthy, regularly expiring
and signed metadata for the intersection of its customers and our
members -- we've not accepted IDP-specific SPs into our federation,


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