OIDC: this user can't understand how to generate sub claim

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Thu Sep 22 12:16:18 UTC 2022

>    For nobody's surprise, the example file provided 
>    (etc/examples/oidc-attribute-resolver.xml) works great out-of-the-box.

Well, it might, but it's not intended to be used, it's just an example to work from. We assumed people would want to add their material to the existing file.

>    If I don't include oidc-attribute-resolver.xml in both 
>    AttributeResolverResources and AttributeRegistryResources the flow will 
>    fail with "Unable to produce a viable 'sub' claim" error.

Any file containing AttributeEncoder elements has to be loaded into the registry, that's what processes them.

-- Scott

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