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Hi,   Thanks for you reply.   I undestand what is happening, but I just would like to perform all these steps wihtout any user interaction.   Manually downloading and extracting the private key to the right location prior to running installation seems a bit cumbersome, especially due to the fact the "plugin" tool is already performing these tasks.   So pressing the "Y" key is the best solution, but how to do that silently when there is no flag allowing auto installation of a new key, and the use of "yes" command seems to be compromised ? It appears it's related to the way the tool is handling console device, but this is pure Java stuff.   Regards   

Le 21-Sep-2022 11:09:03 +0200, rdw at a crit: 
That's not a bug that's a feature!

Actually it is a bug, just not the one you think it is. I have entered IDP-2009 to cover it.

You are trying to install a plugin which has never been installed before and you have not set up a trust store. The plugin installer doesn't allow you to install untrusted components and so it doesn't proceed. The bug is that it is a bit brusque about complaining....

If you want to do a silent install of a new plugin (or a plugin with a new key) you have to establish the trust store up front. [1] gives the details but the TL;DR is that you need to populate 
idp.home/credentials//truststore.asc with an appropriate key data. 

Plugins produced by the Shibboleth Project are all signed by one of our published keys [2]



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