Logout process on Shibboleth IdP v4.2.

深瀬尚子 fukase at funest.co.jp
Thu Sep 8 11:43:07 UTC 2022

Thank you for getting to me.

Thank you for getting to me.

I'd like to clarify the proceeding of logging out without SLO or SAML Logout.

Then, is it the same as the logout feature not supporting returning control of the user agent to any other system via a "return" parameter?


差出人: Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at osu.edu>
送信日時: 2022年9月7日 22:05
宛先: 深瀬尚子; Shib Users
件名: Re: Logout process on Shibboleth IdP v4.2.

>    I'd like to clarify which version is called the modern version of the IdP.

I meant V3+, because V2 was a totally different code/design.

>    If it's in version 3.4., then there is a solution to give us the same result in
> version 4.2.1.

They are largely identical save for some adjustments to the templates to allow some additional options for the UI, but none of them support a return parameter formally.

>  Then, what should I configure Logout Setting?

I have addressed ways to hack in support for things like this in the past on list but I have never attempted it so I have no examples to share. If you honestly believe it worked before, then it would work now with at most trivial differences.

-- Scott

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