Issues Upgrading / Installing to Version 4

Matt Swann mswann090 at
Wed Sep 7 14:14:33 UTC 2022


We're installing a new instance of Shibboleth. I have built a Windows 2019
Server. Initially I attempted to install the latest version of 4 (
I have Java installed and C++. The install gets to where it is almost
completed and the installer bar "rolls back". After multiple attempts, I
just installed the most recent version of 3. That version successfully
installed with no issues and I was able to configure it to work correctly
with the service that requires it.

The issue is I'm now attempting to upgrade the version to the most updated
version of 4 again and I am still getting the roll back issue. I did check
all the logs provided by Shibboleth. I also checked Event Viewer logs with
absolutely nothing stating why the install and upgrade is failing. I'm not
getting any dependences that are missing.

Thank you
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