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Fri Oct 28 14:21:59 UTC 2022

Hi,   I would like to store all the persistentID stuff in a database, but using one with an easy clustering structure (active/passive nodes) and light footprint.   RQLite looks interresting (used for totally different projects), but it doesn't offer any JDBC driver. Fortunately, a REST API is available and according to my quick and dirty tests (retrieving/inserting datas with cURL in a three nodes cluster, containing a dump of our production MySQL database) it does the job.   According to what I have read here , I could use an HTTP DataConnector instead of a RelationalDatabase.   It seems doable, but I was still not able to figure out where and how the write operations are defined/configured at the DataConnector level. Maybe there are limitations ?   Thanks for any help or suggestions.   

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