Disable SubjectLocality

Santiago Núñez - Sistemas Criticos snunez at sistemascriticos.com
Thu Oct 20 14:51:12 UTC 2022

Thanks Scott

I configured <bean id="shibboleth.SubjectLocalityAddressStrategy"
parent="shibboleth.Functions.Constant" c:target="" /> at global.xml, but I'm
getting the tag 
<saml2:SubjectLocality/> in the Response

The tag  has no value,  but it is still present.
Is there any way to configure that make the SubjectLocality tag not to be


>    Does anyone knows what changes should be done on the configuration 
> files to disable the generation of the SubjectLocality tag?

Define a bean of type Function<ProfileRequestContext,String>  called
shibboleth.SubjectLocalityAddressStrategy that returns null.

-- Scott

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