Shibboleth 4.2.x and ADFS/Azure

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Thu Oct 20 13:30:23 UTC 2022


I'm am trying to implement REFEDS MFA using Shibboleth IDP v4.2 using this url. (Shibboleth IDP SAML proxy to an ADFS  with MFA support)

After some tweeking to get it working with our ADFS service I got it to work.. almost.
I can login in, get the required MFA-input. The problems start after successfully logged in.

It's nothing new and I've found many references to it on the Web. ADFS (and Azure) do not return the correct strings in the AuthnContext. It is returned in a as an attribute(claim).
Atleast that is my understanding.
I have seen messages indicating that there might be a solution or part of a solution starting with Shibboleth IDP v4.1.

Since my search-fu is failing, can someone can point me to a resource where I can find more information or tell me what I can do?

Confused thanks in advance,
Roger Mårtensson
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