SP doesn't forward variables

Samsamoddin Rajaei Samsamoddin.Rajaei at bsb-muenchen.de
Wed Oct 19 09:39:08 UTC 2022

Hello everybody,

I am trying to connect our Vufind application with Shibboleth SP and
can not get SP to forward environement variables back to Vufind. 
When in Vufind application I click the login link, I will be forwarded
to the configured federation and then to our test-idp. After entering my
credentials I will be forwarded back to my configured
"sessionHook"-Page, where I output the phpinfo.

In SP transaction log file I see following entries:  
New session (ID: _804ca556ed17194f42e849338182672f) with
(applicationId: historicumtest) for principal from (IdP: ...) at
(ClientAddress: ...) with (NameIdentifier: none) using (Protocol:
urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:protocol) from (AssertionID:
Cached the following attributes with session (ID:
_804ca556ed17194f42e849338182672f) for (applicationId: historicumtest)
    uid (1 values)    
 targeted-id (1 values)    
 affiliation (1 values)    
 entitlement (1 values)  
In phpinfo I can see different Shibboleth cookies among others the
session cookie with the same id as in log file ( _shibsession_nnn=ID).
But I don't see any of shibboleth statndard apache environement
variables, like Shib-Application-ID and Shib-Identity-Provider nor
anything of uid, targeted-id, affiliation and entitlement.
How can I get uid, targeted-id ,... forwarded to my
Thank you for any hint.
Bavarian State library - Munich
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