getting desired value into nameID

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Check the sequence of nameID creation in saml-nameid.xml
First match wins.

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Yes I’ve run these 3 variations:

  *   all 4 policies
  *   no policies
  *   only the emalAddress policy

On 06Oct2022 at 15:58:52, "Mak, Steven" <makst at<mailto:makst at>> wrote:
For an easy test, remove the other NameIDPolicies in the SP metadata so only emailAddress is remaining.

Then just make sure the logic of your resolver config allows the release of some attribute that can fulfill that policy to that service.

- Steve

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Subject: Re: getting desired value into nameID
I’m debugging the config against the resolver exerciser and unsolicited request, so no normal incoming SAML request.


On 06Oct2022 at 15:42:58, "Mak, Steven" <makst at<mailto:makst at>> wrote:
Double check the SAML request that is coming in. If it is stating something like NameIDPolicy > unspecified + Exact, then that may be why you are having trouble.

- Steve Mak

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