IDP3/4 migration : Could not find class file for introspecting configuration annotations at at
Thu Oct 6 13:06:23 UTC 2022

Hi, No you understood well, but several people here may interact with the IDP with different level of skills and technical knowledge. This looks like a good old "error 500 from a Java webapp", so I am sure some will be confused if they ever see one of these messages. For all of us it's a new product, so it will be running in DEBUG mode until we are sure everything is running fine. As we tend to mix up testing and production stages sometimes, better take precautions :-)   Regards

Le 05-Oct-2022 12:42:01 +0200, users at a crit: 
* spf via users  [2022-10-05 08:54]:
> Hi, Thanks for your answer. I know that but for some people
> working with me, if there is anything wrong in the future and they
> see a Java exception stack, this is for sure the root cause of the
> problem :-)

I may be misunderstanding but a DEBUG-level log message is not a Java

Also, and maybe more importantly, you should NOT be running your IDP
with DEBUG logging (for everything). Only in specific circumstances
would you enable DEBUG logging AND ONLY for the specific classes
you're interested in at that moment.

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