IDPSSODescriptor containing list of attributes

Mak, Steven makst at
Thu Nov 17 20:55:51 UTC 2022

My IdP does not contain supported attributes, but a peer organization's IdP metadata does.

I believe it's completely optional and in no way should it drive a services configuration.

- Steve

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    So in my ongoing month long quest to get a clueless vendor onboarded to our idp, the latest thing they are saying is that idp metadata is supposed contain a list of attributes that will be sent to the service provider. Honestly, I had never heard of this, but double checking the specification, it seems it is indeed allowed, although nothing I have ever seen. And even if the idp metadata did contain a list of attributes, it appears to be defined as a generic list of attributes the idp supports, not the specific set of attributes it intends to release to a given SP.

    I'm just curious, has anyone ever actually included attributes in their idp metadata or received metadata from someone else that did?

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