Shibboleth IdP configuration syntax for boolean values

Guillaume Rousse guillaume.rousse at
Thu Nov 3 16:07:26 UTC 2022


I'm having a question about case sensitivity of boolean arguments in 
Shibboleth IdP XML configuration files, as we are debugging a recent 

I can't find any definitive answer either in IdP documentation, either 
in Spring documentation. All examples found in documentation use the 
all-lowercase syntax. According to my own tests on current IdP version, 
the value is not case sensitive, ie p:encryptAssertions="False" and
p:encryptAssertions="false" have exactly the same result.

Some of my colleagues are quite persuaded however those parameters were 
once case sensitive, probably in an older version.

So, am I correct about current version, and was this different somewhere 
in the past ?

Guillaume Rousse
Direction des Services Applicatifs
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