error with conditional signing/encryption relying-party.xml override

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Thu Jun 16 20:18:45 UTC 2022

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>    Is this error due to the predicate syntax changes between v3 and v4 outlined at <elided>


>  If so, what would be the correct way to define these conditional signing/encryption overrides?

As the note says, check the Javadocs.

Link to javadoc is in there, all the related topics contain such a link, as well as the note:

Virtually all the configuration options below can be set via two different properties: a static property that explicitly sets the value to use and a lookup strategy or predicate property that takes a Function or Predicate and returns the value to use. The dynamic property is generally named "propertyNamePredicate" or "propertyNameLookupStrategy" for Boolean- and non-Boolean-valued properties respectively.

-- Scott

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