Defining custom attribute names for SPs that won't map names internally

Max Spicer max.spicer at
Thu Jun 16 09:27:02 UTC 2022

We have an SP that cannot map released attribute names to their own
internal names. In the past we've solved this by defining an attribute
encoder that creates an attribute just for that SP and then filtering it so
it is only released to them. I'm wondering what the "modern" way to do this
would be now we have 4.2 and the attribute registry enabled.

>From my reading of,
we could probably create a new properties file in conf/attributes/custom/
to reference an existing IdP attribute and define a new name. Can we then
use the relyingParties or activationCondition properties to restrict this
to the appropriate SPs?

We generally use entity groups to group related SPs and then filter by
entity group rather than specific SPs. Is there an example of how to do
this sort of thing?


Max Spicer
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