Globalprotect and Shibboleth

Steve Herrera sherrera at
Thu Jun 9 15:07:07 UTC 2022

We use Palo Alto firewalls here and the Globalprotect client as the method
for our users to VPN into campus. We are trying to get Globalprotect to use
SAML. The first hurdle we are running into is uploading the Shibboleth
self-signed certificate into the Palo Alto certificate profile. The error
we get is:

Import failed. Only self signed CA certificates can have identical subject
and issuer fields.

I have seen others posting about using Globalprotect and shibboleth on
here. My question is, are you using the shibboleth self-signed certificate
and were you able to import that into the Palo Alto? Or are you using a
different certificate?  I have a ticket open with Palo but they have not
been responsive.

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