Is OpenSaml 4.2.0 invulnerable to XSW attack?

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Tue Jun 7 10:47:34 UTC 2022

Looking on the information you sent me I see that this vulnerability was closed long time ago, so I'll inspect more about it and let you know.

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In the provided article they claim that OpenSaml is vulnerable to it and I know that  OpenSaml 3.3.0 is vulnerable to it.

Looking on the resolved and open issues I was not able to find any information regarding this.

You say that you know OpenSAML 3.3.0 is vulnerable to this, but I'd be interested to know why you think that is the case.

The paper dates to work done in 2011, and the Shibboleth advisory was later that year referencing Shibboleth IdP *2*.3.2. You're not finding that in the V3 documentation because it was well before that, unless I'm confused.

    -- Ian

Here's the (archived) advisories page for the V2 products:

    -- Ian

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