ValidateAudience: No allowed audience for client

Schofield, Richie Richie.Schofield at
Mon Jun 6 18:50:36 UTC 2022


New to Shibboleth idP, OIDC and Outh. Working on a basic idP setup for testing, not much different than the default install (changes made are in file attachment).

When attempting to get a token from /idp/profile/oidc/token it is telling me that there are ‘no allowed audience’ for my client. I’ve trolled source code for hours looking for answers and I think I am missing something.

How can I set the audience value? Is there a way to, by default, add each SP on its own audience list? Am I completely off-base due to ignorance?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated,

Richie (He/Him)

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