JSESSIONID issues, Stale Session. (SameSite issue?)

Etan Weintraub eweintra at jhmi.edu
Thu Jan 20 20:15:36 UTC 2022

Thanks, Scott. It does look like the web.xml was customized and didn't get 
copied out properly on our last tomcat upgrade. We are working through it all 
now, but that was the tip we needed....hopefully once we have it out, our 
problems resolve.

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>    We have those set in idp.properties:

And you installed the filter? That's not something the installer can do for 
you unless you've never customized web.xml.

>    We are still seeing the issue though, mostly with Firefox, which we also 
> seem
>    to have significant users with, but also with Edge and Chrome.

It's not the same issue or you don't have the filter installed.

-- Scott

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