trimming ldap values in attribute resolver

Pablo Vidaurri psvidaurri at
Thu Jan 20 03:25:41 UTC 2022

i added some print statements, and seems that .trim() does work, but I
still see this trailing space in my logs and missing attributes from my db

INFO [Shibboleth-Audit.SSO:282] -
xxxxx.xxxxx at

On Wed, Jan 19, 2022 at 6:12 PM Pablo Vidaurri <psvidaurri at> wrote:

> At one point we had a problem with inserting trailing spacing into LDAP.
> Now it's causing problems resolving attributes. How can I trim, for example
> uid value in this script? I've tried the obvious .trim() with no luck.
> <Script><![CDATA[
>                     setUid.addValue(uid.getValues().get(0));
>         ]]></Script>
> Thank.s
> -psv
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