Giving an SP the authnContextClassRef they asked for

Wessel, Keith kwessel at
Wed Jan 12 21:18:29 UTC 2022

Ah-ha! Perhaps that's why this used to work with the internal authentication but doesn't any more. I'm not including PPT. I've got this entry in my helpers map that's being used to assignt eh authnContextClassRef if the ADFS response contains the claim stating that MFA was performed:

<entry key="refedsMFAAuthnContext">
                <bean parent="shibboleth.SAML2AuthnContextClassRef"
                    c:classRef="" />

Can I just add a second bean to that list? And if so, is it better to use Password or PasswordProtectedTransport?


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>    Or do I need to create an authnContextTranslationStrategy bean that 
> manually maps it back to urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:ac:classes:PasswordProtectedTransport?

That, or change the shibboleth.IgnoredContexts bean to treat PasswordProtectedContext as ignored. That's a standards violation but that is a hook to do it. But it's global, you can't pick and choose. I have never run into an SP that wasn't Shibboleth that even knew how to check the value but that doesn't mean one doesn't exist.

Note that there's no reason why you shouldn't simply include PPT in your result. It doesn't hurt anything to do that as long as it's accurate, which I'm sure it is. The IdP will automatically use whatever is correct when it responds, it just needs to know that PPT is one of the contexts in the resulting Subject's Principal set.

-- Scott

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