Azure AD Connector from IDP v4.1 - canonicalization failure

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Tue Aug 30 20:31:19 UTC 2022

Not understanding this line in those docs:

"By pulling an IdPAttribute directly from an IdPAttributePrincipal in the input Subject (as mentioned above, this is normally useful when proxying authentication to another IdP)"

The Subject doesn't contain an attribute - it contains a NameID.

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>    We just want a user identifier from Azure.

Then most of that is totally unnecessary, start over, and look at the attribute-sourced c14n docs and properties. No need for anything in the resolver whatsoever.

idp.c14n.attribute.resolveFromSubject = true
idp.c14n.attribute.resolutionCondition = shibboleth.Conditions.FALSE
idp.c14n.attribute.attributeSourceIds = whateverId

Should be all that's needed other than making sure the input data is getting decoded by the registry.

-- Scott

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