Upgrade IdP 3.4.6 to IdP 4.2.1 deprecation errors?

Scott Gilbert sgilbert at ucsb.edu
Wed Aug 24 17:32:57 UTC 2022

Hi- I read the documentation, and some posts here, and wanted to confirm
the best way to work through the deprecation errors.

First we are going from IdP 3.4.6 to IdP 4.2.1. Is that ok or do you advise
we first go to IdP 3.4.8? One of the posts here said it was ok.

Then how do I work through the deprecation errors? When I restart the
service and tail the idp-process log I see them fly by. Is that the
appropriate way to do it? Continue to review idp-process log and fix the
deprecation errors until there are none?

And are there any other logs I should be reviewing?

Thanks in advance. I just want to confirm I am doing this correctly.

Scott Gilbert
IAM/Cloud System Administrator
Enterprise Technology Services
University of California Santa Barbara
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