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Thanks Dan,

We already have that set and password expiration works. We get a warning displayed from 10 days prior to password expiration.
It’s just adding the additional pwdReset and pwdMustChange don’t do anything using SSO but work with ldapsearch CLI.



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Has anyone done this?

It appears you're attempting to use<> for your password policy implementation.

  *   idp.authn.LDAP.usePasswordPolicy = true

This is the property you want set to true to enable this feature.

  *   idp.authn.LDAP.usePasswordExpiration = true

This property enables a different type of password policy implementation (<>)
Set it to false.

Assuming you've configured the ppolicy overlay correctly in OpenLDAP....
Your IDP should signal a warning type of AuthnEventIds.ACCOUNT_WARNING when a password warning is returned from an LDAP authentication. And an error type of AuthnEventIds.ACCOUNT_ERROR when a password error is returned.

--Daniel Fisher

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