Tableau local server SAML Setup with Shibboleth

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It's most likely the encoding of the uid attribute not matching the user name attribute configured into Tableau or your provisioning not matching, but this is the sort of problem that is extremely difficult for anyone outside of your organization to really help with.

"Matching usernames: The user name stored in Tableau Server must match the configured user name attribute sent by the IdP in the SAML assertion. By default, Tableau Server expects the incoming assertion to contain an attribute called "username" with that user's information. For example, if the user name for Jane Smith is stored in PingFederate as jsmith, it must also be stored in Tableau Server as jsmith."

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Hey everyone,

	I’m having a hell of a time setting up Tableau for SAML with Shibboleth. I have no idea what’s wrong. Maybe someone can point me the right direction.

I see the IDP sending the attributes, mail, uid, and displayName. I actually have a SAML trace running and I can see the attributes in the response and it says success.

However, I am still getting login failed on the Tableau said. I turned to false for:

AuthnRequestsSigned="false" WantAssertionsSigned="false"

I also set encryptAssertions to false in relying party.

The NameID I am sending it is your email address.

And I see the rest of the attributes in the response. I have no idea why it keeps telling me it failed. Any ideas?



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