Installing Windows IdP v4 on Server Core

Dave Perry d.perry1 at
Wed Aug 17 11:24:43 UTC 2022

Progress - I have got the VC++ redist installed, and Amazon Corretto, and JAVA_HOME set.

I can get the Shibboleth installer to run and show its GUI (wahey) - but it keeps saying it cannot find java.exe. I ran
Get-Childitem env:java_home
to make sure the variable is set (to "C:\Program Files\Amazon Corretto\jdk11.0.16_9\bin", no \ at the end of the path):
That is correct isn't it?

I have logged out/back in to the server more than once, and tried a couple of reboots.

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On 8/16/22, 1:59 PM, "Steven Teixeira" <steixeira at> wrote:

>    Rod, I can file whatever you require, but I confess, I'm not sure what you
> mean.  Do you mean just open a Jira issue for the IdP Project on
>  If so, what type (New Feature, Improvement,
> etc.)?

It doesn't matter how it's filed, we adjust anything we have to.

>    1. If the web server component of the IdP and the IdP are bundled
> together at least in some way, we don't have to maintain knowledge and
> expertise on more than we absolutely have to.

If we had the option, we would definitely not provide a solution like this, because it eventually will bite anyone that goes down that road, but it's been there too long, so the focus is on addressing the problems it causes for releases.

>    2. Due to said time constraints and other responsibilities, we automate
> wherever possible, so we feed most everything into scripts and "runbooks"
> wherever possible instead of manually installing and configuring.

Aside from the general problem of making that work well in the face of Spring and XML, which is out of our hands, we definitely don't intend to not support automation.

We just already have that solution documented for the original IdP installer, and Jetty is the only real difference between the two in terms of what you get out of it, so that's the thing we have to close the gap on.

-- Scott

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