Installing Windows IdP v4 on Server Core

Rod Widdowson rdw at
Tue Aug 16 09:40:04 UTC 2022

>. I can't see anything on the Windows Installation page of the wiki about automating the msi, but if I've missed a link feel free
to signpost me.

You mean via 

	msiexec /i shib.msi /n THING=value THING2=value THING3=value

It's all driven that way but I do not want to document the settings since that then ties things into an even tighter know when I'm
trying to unravel that for V5.  Of course there is nothing stopping you from reverse engineering the properties, but that's not
going to be supported.

The Installers (windows and non windows) will get a significant freshen for V5 so an RFE would be great.

But TBH given your situation my recommendation would be install the whole thing by hand.  Unpack the file to where you want,
Install a jetty of your choice and configure that (strong suggestion would be to look at the jetty-base we  use as part of the

The only tricksy bit would be configuring procmon[3], but shibd_idpw should give you the hints you need.

The benefit then is that IdP updates are pure command line, from then on and you are in totally control of your Jetty destiny.

(It says 11.0.11 but it works for 10.0.11 as well)

It might well be that the UK fed support desk (service at can help you too, but this is as much as I can do for


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