No such flow exception help

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Thu Aug 11 22:05:28 UTC 2022

Thanks, Scott. That's even more than I was asking for. I appreciate it, and I'm sorry I missed that post previously.


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>    So, here's my dumb question: how do I obtain the user agent? Do I get it
> from the headers passed in by the client using 
> HTTPServletRequest.getHeader()? Or is there a cleaner way?

I posted my condition as an example a while ago.;!!DZ3fjg!4EzKpA1HiBirKpjKrekg3xHNVyndLg7McIKna8LZLpRmJvuVMSHv-7Az_RmBvDgfP1zKDOihjDh550H4hrAC$ 

It's a header, yes.

-- Scott

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